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One day during an Education Committee meeting, a young man stood and shared a story about how his education savings account (ESA) allowed him to change his educational opportunities. He told us that his ESA would allow him to be the first one in his family to go to college. Stories like this are why I am so motivated to keep improving education in Arizona.

We are educating individual children who are unique in their development, personality, and goals. For this reason, I support all choices in education: District schools, Charter schools, ESA Scholarships, and home schooling.

As current Chairwoman of the Senate Education Committee, I have fought to provide Arizona schools with over $1.5 billion. Teachers are the heart of our educational system, and that is why I voted for the historic funding increase for our teacher’s salaries and ran legislation to support teachers in their educational development. I have received numerous awards regarding my support for education among them the, Arizona Parents for Education -Golden Apple award and A for Arizona, Trailblazer Award.

The children of Arizona are our future, and education creates their future!

Border Security

America as a sovereign nation has a right to secure its borders for the protection, health, and safety of its citizens. Three mothers and six children were brutality murdered by the Cartels October 2019 just 50 miles from our Arizona southern Border. Violence from Cartels is catastrophic in Mexico and according to the DEA Mexican drug cartels has extensive influence over broad swaths of the US setting up business in many cities. Mexican drug cartels make an estimated $20- $29 Billion a year on drug sales. Homeland Security reports that Cartels make $500 million every year on human-smuggling and millions more on sex trafficking. According to DEA in 2015, 140 people died every day from drug poisoning.

As a state senator, in 2010/2012 I served as Chairman of the Border Security and Federalism Committee, I learned firsthand the need for more security on our southern border and the need to build a wall. I support legal immigration. In 1980, I along with my extended family sponsored a Hmong family from Laos who were refugees from the Vietnam War.  It was a rewarding experience to help this family assimilate into American society. I do not support those who ignore our laws and come here without doing so though the proper channels.  It caused harm to our economic system and builds resentment among our citizens. I will continue to support President Trump and our congressional delegation in efforts to build a wall, and to reform our legal immigration system.

2nd Amendment

The Bill of Rights amendments make our U.S. Constitution unique from any other Constitution in the world. The 2nd Amendment recognizes that we have an unalienable right to protect self, family and property.
“The Constitution shall never be construed… to prevent the people of the United States who are peaceable citizens from keeping their own arms.” -Samuel Adams

I have a 100 % voting record protecting the 2nd Amendment, and endorsed by the NRA.

Jobs & Economy

Arizona’s economy is roaring, but it often doesn’t seem that way in our district. The economic expansion is leaving the rural heart of Arizona behind, but I am working to bring more jobs to our communities. I will continue working with rural Arizona legislators to create more opportunities for our communities. Forest management, ranching, retail, and manufacturing jobs are perfect for our communities. We must not stop fighting to bring these jobs back.

Rural Resources

Our district is the rural heart of Arizona and is blessed with an abundance of beauty and various natural resources. We are home to the majority of Ponderosa forestlands and as child I spent summers playing among these majestic trees. It is critical that we maintain the health of our forest lands and stop the catastrophic fires that threaten our wildlife and watersheds. In 2002, the rodeo-Chediski fire forced us to evacuate our home and I personally witnessed the devastation that failed, federal policies can have on our citizens, community, and forest environment.

District 6 also has been blessed with farming opportunities such as grapes in the Verde Valley and corn in Taylor and Snowflake. Cattle ranches across the District continue to feed America. I have always been a voice and a vote to promote the wise use of our lands and to protect our natural resource producers, such as ranchers, farmers, loggers, and miners. I will continue working with our congressional delegation to stop burdensome regulations from Washington D.C. that make it difficult for us to realize the economic blessing from our natural resource development.


Water policy is complicated and political. I believe that the historical way we have manage water is still the best policy. I will continue to vote for measures that conserve, and increase water yields, and protects our rural water sources. Individual’s water rights should be protected. The Indian Water Settlements have been dragging on for years and years. The Federal Government pays for the legal fees of the tribes, so they do not have an incentive to settle.

Only the lawyers are getting rich, but the small towns and irrigation districts are going bankrupt in protecting the water rights of the community. It is time the State steps in and help provide the funds necessary to protect the interest of the State.

I believe that there is enough water for all and that these cases should be settled fairly, but property/water rights must be protected.I support that the State insists that the water settlements are completed before there is a new Indian Gaming Compact signed between the State and the Tribes.


I have a 100% voting record to protect the unborn. Refusing to protect these little ones we damage the very soul of our country and send a terrible message to our children that life is not scared, or worthy of protection. The ripple effect of abortion is the violence we experience in this country.

Mental Illness & Homelessness

Homelessness has become a major issue in rural Arizona. I am working to bring more resources to rural Arizona mental health facility, and to increase funding for professionals who can assist this vulnerable population. This session I am running legislation to bring a homeless shelter to the Verde Valley. We must address this crisis now before it spirals out of control.

Freedom of Speech

The Bill of Rights amendments make our U.S. Constitution unique from any other Constitution in the world. The First Amendment – Freedom of Speech is essential to the barrier of tyranny.  There is a dangerous move in our country today to stop speech by forcing upon the citizens a “politically correct” way of speaking which mean a “politically correct” way of thinking. Academia, media and some political officials distort and attack the speech they deem to be outside of their leftist, philosophical beliefs. We go after individuals, corporations, anyone that is deemed to be outside of the Left, socialist, progressive way of thinking. There is no need to send anyone to a “reeducation camp” we just do it through the consistent attack of speech. This will end in the death of our free Republic. I will continue to be a voice and vote for “Freedom of Speech.”

Freedom of Religion

America’s founding history is rooted within the Christian and Jewish faith. All in our country have a right to live according to the dictates of their own conscience.

A new surge is taking place within academia, media and some political officials to attack those who hold scared and religious beliefs. Especially the Christian faith. American is going the wrong direction in rejecting God and faith, we need a moral rebirth to heal the social problems in our country.
I will continue to be a voice and vote for religious freedom.

Rural Arizona Infrastructure

The Arizona constitution directs the Legislature to fund infrastructure, public safety and education.

Since the 2009 recession we have slowly increase the HURF dollars back to our Rural Counties for much needed road repairs and other needs. I, along with other Rural Legislators, work hard to get our share of state revenue to flow into the rural areas of our state. I will continue to be a voice and vote for our infrastructure needs.

For 20 years that has been an effort to construct a bridge over the Tonto Creek in the Tonto Basin. Gila County has everything ready to now start the construction they just need the money. It is time to fund the bridge and I am asking for $15 million this budget cycle with the onetime monies that are available.

This is the proper role of government to provide for the Health and Safety of the Citizens.

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